www.icefmonitor.comNew reports on student decision making from India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Egypt and Turkey

How do international students make the decision to study abroad? Do parents play an influential role? How do a student’s career goals play into the...

teaching-english-in-universitiesTrend Alert: English spreads as teaching language in universities worldwide

The Politecnico di Milano, one of Italy’s most prestigious universities, made waves in mid-May when it announced that it will teach and assess most of...

innovative-recruitingWhat determines growth rates in global higher education enrolments?

A new British Council study, The Shape of Things to Come: Higher education global trends and emerging opportunities to 2020, has recently become available in...

Has the Arab Spring contributed to increased demand for study abroad?

Early World Education Services (WES) data for 2012 suggests that US higher education institutions – and by extension, institutions from other countries favoured by Arab...

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