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Notable government policy shifts affecting international students going into 2024 Over the past couple of years, the governments of Australia, Canada, and the UK have significantly evolved their...
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More than half of African applicants fail to get a visa to study in Canada or the US Over the past couple of years, there has been an appreciable spike in international student recruiting activity in...
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Outbound mobility trends for key Latin markets: Brazil, Colombia, Mexico We recently looked at outbound mobility trends in five top student markets in Asia: Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines,...
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english language-learning-in-mexico
The growing demand for English language learning in Mexico Despite its shared border with the United States, Mexico still has a challenge with limited English language proficiency....
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Global economic power projected to shift to Asia and emerging economies by 2050 The professional services firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) has produced a series of megatrends reports that analyse high-level trends expected...
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Latin American institutions increasingly prepared to compete for international students In the landscape of international education, there are sometimes stories and trends that show just how much this...
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Trends in study abroad for Mexican students If all goes according to plan, Mexico may soon send more students to the US than any other...
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Immigration and work opportunities key for Mexican students Mexico is a key Latin American sending market – second only to Brazil in terms of the size of...
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The growing role of emerging markets in shaping global demand “The rise of emerging markets has been perhaps the defining feature of the global economy this century. In...
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Research shows that studying abroad boosts creativity Newly published research provides the best evidence yet that studying overseas boosts one’s creativity. The study titled “On...
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Survey reveals motivations of postgraduate students in emerging markets We love a good student survey around here, and QS is out this month with an interesting new...
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How to engage the international schools sector for higher education recruitment The K-12 English-medium international schools market is now considered a crucial sector for the world’s higher education institutions....
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