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The peer-to-peer effect in international student recruitment A new study by Intead and Unibuddy – a platform that more than 200 universities around the world...
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Survey says that alumni networks have limited impact on job prospects Survey of US graduates, a large majority of respondents said that the alumni network of their university or...
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Let them talk: The power of student reviews Prospective students are highly influenced by online peer reviews of schools and destinations. The availability of candid student...
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Five steps to a more active alumni programme There’s a paradox at work regarding the extent to which many colleges and universities are engaging with their...
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Engaging your alumni in international student recruitment “Most businesses find that their best customers come from other customers’ referrals or “word of mouth” advertising.  Why...
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Extending your recruitment effort with international alumni We’ve written previously about the importance of engaging alumni in international recruitment as well as the process of...
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Study finds lots of room to improve in international alumni relations A majority of US college administrators say that their institutions are not doing enough to connect with international...
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