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Comparing student visa proof of funds requirements across 20 study destinations In recent months, some major study abroad destinations have increased the amount of available, guaranteed funds that international...
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Taiwan adds expanded post-study work rights to its international recruitment strategy Last year, Taiwan announced that it was ramping up its international recruitment target with a goal to attract...
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Korea eases work and visa policies in a bid to further boost foreign enrolment South Korea’s higher education system is already feeling the effects of an “enrolment cliff“. The country’s college-aged population...
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UAE announces five-year student visas and residency opportunities International students studying in the United Arab Emirates will now be eligible for a five-year student visa, replacing...
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South Korea taking action on visa overstays and school regulation From 2012 to 2014 – and after years of steady growth – international enrolments in South Korea’s universities...
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China opens up work rights for foreign students; Indonesia moves to streamline visa processing The growing trend to intra-regional mobility is one that we will continue to follow as it bears both...
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New five-country visa application centre opens in Singapore Of all the factors that can influence international student enrolments – from a country’s perceived safety or beauty...
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