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Egypt rolls out new scholarships and residency rights in bid for more foreign students Egypt has introduced a package of new measures designed to further promote the country as an international study...
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Nigerian demand surging but real challenges remain in visa processing and international payments “Nigeria is a very big market in terms of the study abroad business,” says Obianuju Akpo-Edewor, general manager...
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Nigeria included in expanded US immigration ban but students can still obtain visas The United States has extended the list of countries whose citizens will, with some exceptions, be barred from...
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Education South Africa takes government to court over visa rules Education South Africa (EduSA), the country’s peak body for English Language Teaching (ELT) schools has filed suit against...
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South African court case settled: English students now eligible for study visas The South African government will now issue study visas of up to 18 months for English as a...
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