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Bulletin: US announces travel ban for Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen Late Friday afternoon, newly elected US President Donald Trump signed an executive order effectively blocking entry to the...
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Using social media to reach students in the Middle East and North Africa Roughly four in ten international students say that social media influenced their decision to study abroad. Around half...
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Education enrolment trends of women in the Middle East A seminar at the recent NAFSA conference revealed that increasing female enrolment is one of the big stories...
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Trends shaping higher education in the Middle East and North Africa Today we present our exclusive interview with Dr Derar Bal’awi, Regional Director for the MENA Region at International...
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Has the Arab Spring contributed to increased demand for study abroad? Early World Education Services (WES) data for 2012 suggests that US higher education institutions – and by extension,...
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