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Government of Nepal increases taxes for Nepali students studying abroad Nepali families who have saved and borrowed to send their children abroad for education are frustrated at their...
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Outbound mobility trends for five key sending markets in Asia International student mobility is picking up steam, and a growing number of countries are contributing to the overall...
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Nepalese government moves again to curb non-degree study abroad Nepal has emerged as a key growth market for student recruitment in South Asia. More than 125,000 Nepali...
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Nepalese government signals willingness to limit study abroad Nepal’s Ministry of Education has announced that it will no longer issue the required approval letters for students...
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Nepal emerging as an important growth market for international education Demographic and economic shifts in Nepal, mirroring those occurring in other Asian nations, have resulted in a sharp...
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Diversification and the next five markets After more than a decade of rapid expansion in international enrolments, the focus in major study destinations – and...
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Research shows that studying abroad boosts creativity Newly published research provides the best evidence yet that studying overseas boosts one’s creativity. The study titled “On...
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An agent’s perspective on recruiting in Nepal Nepal’s outbound student numbers continued their rapid growth trajectory in 2018. Following on from strong gains the previous...
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Is Asia ready to be the next higher education superpower? A high-level trends report from PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) predicts that, by 2050, the world will see a dramatic shift...
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Survey highlights continuing strong demand among Indian and Nepali students during COVID-19 Indian education-focused think tank IC3 has just released a report summarising the results of a student survey conducted...
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Market Snapshot: Nepal A tiny country often overshadowed by its booming neighbour to the south, Nepal could soon be on many...
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Where the devices are: New study updates global stats on Internet usage People in developing and emerging economies who are young and educated are much more likely to be Internet...
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