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Transitional and support services for international students with disabilities According to the United Nations, around 15% of the global population, or roughly 1 billion people, live with...
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Education enrolment trends of women in the Middle East A seminar at the recent NAFSA conference revealed that increasing female enrolment is one of the big stories...
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Using social media to reach students in the Middle East and North Africa Roughly four in ten international students say that social media influenced their decision to study abroad. Around half...
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English skills a key for mobility and employment in the Middle East and North Africa The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region has the world’s most youthful population… and the highest youth...
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Trend Alert: English spreads as teaching language in universities worldwide The Politecnico di Milano, one of Italy’s most prestigious universities, made waves in mid-May when it announced that...
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How to engage the international schools sector for higher education recruitment The K-12 English-medium international schools market is now considered a crucial sector for the world’s higher education institutions....
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Little-known aspiring education hubs Recently, Edudemic posted a list of ten cities aspiring to make a name for themselves as future education...
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Managing growth and maintaining standards in international branch campuses The number of international branch campuses worldwide continues to grow. This is in some respects a natural result...
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China now the leading host for international branch campuses A new report from the Observatory on Borderless Higher Education (OBHE) points to continued growth in the number...
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Opportunities expand as Lebanese choose a wider range of destinations Drawing upon a cosmopolitan, multilingual society with strong historical ties to the West, the Lebanese student market presents...
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Scholarships and social change in Saudi Arabia Wearing the black face-covering veil favoured by Saudi women, Maha Mazyad looked through leaflets for prospective jobs with...
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Key growth drivers behind increasing enrolment in Gulf states Quality education is essential in the economic development of any nation. This fact is clearly evidenced from past...
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