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The promise and challenge of technology in language learning Many language schools are thinking about innovation these days. Innovation – in terms of programmes, student services, or...
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New educational technology and customised education Education technology is in the midst of an historic shift toward a less centralised, more learner-directed model. The...
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Investments in education technology reaching new highs in 2015 You can count investment deals in the education technology sector a number of different ways, particularly depending on...
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Anytime, anywhere: How online and mobile technologies are transforming language learning This article is adapted and reprinted with permission from the 2016 edition of ICEF Insights magazine. The complete...
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New digital tools aim to smooth travel planning Student travellers, agents, and educators can now take advantage of a growing range of online resources that are...
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Indian technology institutes open admissions to foreign students Earlier this year, India’s Human Resource Development Minister Smriti Irani approved a proposal that will see an initial...
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Is technology the key change agent in higher education? Last week, ICEF Monitor explored how technological changes are influencing student behaviour and student demands. Today, we follow...
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International panel maps technology trends that will impact education in next five years The 2014 NMC Horizons Report was released in February, the 11th annual edition of a long-running study that...
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