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Iran eases restrictions on international education In Iran, the election last year of President Hassan Rouhani has led to a relatively more progressive and...
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Vietnam’s growing middle class fueling demand for study abroad Vietnam’s economic growth over the past two decades has been steady and impressive, averaging 5.5% since 1990. Expansion...
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The international student market in Azerbaijan We continue our From the field series today with a feature video interview with Nicolas Tzenios, the former...
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Agent perspective on study abroad trends in South Korea In the following feature interview with ICEF Monitor, Julian H. Lee, Managing Director of the Korean agency APPLY...
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The new student recruitment landscape in Saudi Arabia In 2015/16, Saudi enrolment in US higher education reached nearly 62,000 students. That was enough to place the...
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The factors driving growth in Bangladeshi outbound Bangladesh continues to demonstrate its potential as one of the most important emerging markets for study abroad in...
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The study abroad market in Oman Oman is an Arab-speaking nation of 3.1 million people. UNESCO estimates that there are more than 6,300 Omani...
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An agent’s view of recruiting in Pakistan Pakistan sent nearly 40,000 students abroad for higher education in 2013, mainly to the UK, Australia, the US,...
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Transitional and support services for international students with disabilities According to the United Nations, around 15% of the global population, or roughly 1 billion people, live with...
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Recruiting in East Africa The Republic of Uganda is one of the vast continent of Africa’s smaller countries, located in the sub-Saharan...
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Trends in study abroad for Mexican students If all goes according to plan, Mexico may soon send more students to the US than any other...
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Recruiting in Thailand We continue our From the Field series today with a feature video interview with Linly Phunpruch and Keith...
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