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Transitional and support services for international students with disabilities According to the United Nations, around 15% of the global population, or roughly 1 billion people, live with...
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Using social media to reach students in the Middle East and North Africa Roughly four in ten international students say that social media influenced their decision to study abroad. Around half...
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English skills a key for mobility and employment in the Middle East and North Africa The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region has the world’s most youthful population… and the highest youth...
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Trends shaping higher education in the Middle East and North Africa Today we present our exclusive interview with Dr Derar Bal’awi, Regional Director for the MENA Region at International...
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Little-known aspiring education hubs Recently, Edudemic posted a list of ten cities aspiring to make a name for themselves as future education...
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Insider tips on student recruitment in Bahrain Recently, we sat down with Sara Abdulla from Al Mawred Education Services based in Bahrain to pick up...
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Surging global demand for digital language learning A series of recent market reports highlight that the demand for digital English language learning products is booming...
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Key growth drivers behind increasing enrolment in Gulf states Quality education is essential in the economic development of any nation. This fact is clearly evidenced from past...
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Scholarships and social change in Saudi Arabia Wearing the black face-covering veil favoured by Saudi women, Maha Mazyad looked through leaflets for prospective jobs with...
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Boosting science and technology collaboration among Arab states The call for Arab states to pool their efforts and expertise in STEM fields is one Mohamed Mrayati,...
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Staying online in disrupted markets “Nature, governments, and people will always have a way of disrupting things.” This was the message shared at...
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