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EU ministers conclude €93 billion funding arrangement for Erasmus+ and Horizon 2020

There are nearly six million young people unemployed in the EU today, with youth unemployment levels reaching above 50% in some member states such as...

Posted in: Europe, Higher Education, Most Popular, Regions, Research on 4 Dec 2013

Market Snapshot: Chile

An unusual mix of factors is at work in the education landscape of Chile. Like other OECD nations, Chile has experienced dramatic increases in student...

Posted in: Agents, Chile, Higher Education, Language Learning, Most Popular, Regions, South & Central America, Work Abroad on 22 Oct 2013

Europe takes stock of its international student recruitment strategies

As competition for international students intensifies around the world, the European Union is increasingly interested in promoting member countries – and indeed, the entire Eurozone...

Posted in: Czech Republic, Europe, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Higher Education, Ireland, Italy, Language Learning, Most Popular, Netherlands, Poland, Regions, Research, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, Work Abroad on 17 May 2013

Changes to Cuban education sector could bring shift in student mobility patterns

Recent changes in Cuba could result in a shift in student mobility patterns related to the island, and today on ICEF Monitor we’ll look at...

Posted in: Higher Education, North America, Regions, South & Central America, United States, Vocational on 25 Apr 2013

Latest British Council research reveals market opportunities in Turkey, Italy, and Spain

“At the moment, 600,000 students come to the UK each year to learn English, and that contributes GBP 2 billion to the UK economy.” —...

Posted in: Europe, Italy, K-12, Language Learning, Regions, Research, Spain, Turkey, Video Interviews on 16 Jan 2013

Navigating the nuances of the Venezuelan study abroad market

With Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez winning another term in office, readers might be wondering what lies ahead for the country’s youth in terms of education...

Posted in: Agents, Regions, South & Central America, Venezuela, Video Interviews on 8 Oct 2012

The power of virtual tours in student recruitment

While a virtual tour can’t replace a real tour, it can be a powerful tool to entice prospective students to come to a campus in...

Posted in: Africa, Asia, Australia/Oceania, Europe, Higher Education, K-12, Marketing, Middle East, Most Popular, North America, Regions, South & Central America, Technology, United States on 27 Sep 2012

Demand for Portuguese increasing in US

Today we turn to Language Magazine, which has reported that the demand for Portuguese is growing in US universities as language departments are downsized, or...

Posted in: Agents, Brazil, Higher Education, Language Learning, North America, Regions, South & Central America, United States, Work Abroad, Youth Trends on 25 Jul 2012

Student arrivals down in Malta but ELT sector resilient

Malta’s top language schools congregated earlier this week for the presentation of detailed studies and analysis for the Maltese language school sector. Both the 2011...

Posted in: Europe, Language Learning, Malta, Regions, Research on 5 Apr 2012

The ongoing interest in Pinterest… are you on board?

Just when you thought there were enough social media sites out there, along came Pinterest. The two-year-old site has exploded, and now hosts over 11.7...

Posted in: Europe, Marketing, Most Popular, North America, Regions, Technology, United Kingdom, United States, Youth Trends on 22 Mar 2012

What are the elements of a successful national recruitment strategy?

It is by now widely acknowledged that, on a global scale, the recruitment of international students is becoming: More crucial for leading countries’ education systems...

Posted in: Australia, Canada, China, Europe, France, Germany, Marketing, Most Popular, Netherlands, North America, Regions, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States on 10 Feb 2012

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