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Australia announces major extension of post-study work rights There is big news from Australia this week that could dramatically boost the country’s competitiveness as a study...
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US immigration review raises new concerns for H-1B and OPT programmes On 22 April 2020, President Donald Trump issued a proclamation suspending entry of most new immigrants to the...
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Canada extends flexible rules for post-graduate work permits through end of year In a move that had been widely anticipated over the last month, Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)...
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UK restores two-year post-study work visas Editor’s note: After some initial confusion around when foreign students would be able to obtain post-study work visas,...
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The link between employment outcomes and recruiting World university rankings such as those produced by QS, Shanghai, and Times Higher Education have for decades influenced...
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Study compares post-study employment offers and outcomes for international students A newly released paper compares the post-study work rights available to foreign students in a number of study...
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Widespread reports of work permit delays for foreign students in US There has been a dramatic increase in international student participation in Optional Practical Training (OPT) in the US...
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Canada eases application requirements for post-study work permits International students who want to work in Canada following their studies at a Canadian institution will have more...
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New Zealand opens up post-study work rights After a consultation period marked by more than 2,000 submissions from stakeholders, the New Zealand government is moving...
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EU vote harmonises and eases visa rules for non-EU students The European Parliament has adopted new regulations designed to make study and research in the European Union more...
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US OPT rules confirmed: Foreign STEM grads can now stay and work for up to three years Following months of legal wrangling and uncertainty over the key Optional Practical Training (OPT) programme for foreign STEM...
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2015 Agent Barometer survey yields new insights on student concerns and growing impact of online Results from the 2015 installment of the ICEF i-graduate Agent Barometer are now in, and this year education...
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