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New reports on student decision making from India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Egypt and Turkey

How do international students make the decision to study abroad? Do parents play an influential role? How do a student’s career goals play into the equation? And what carries more weight in selecting a college or university – tuition fees and general affordability or a school’s academic reputation?

“Student Insight”, a series of country-specific research reports produced by the British Council, provides a look into the process of students’ decision-making, examining areas such as the factors influencing country and university choice, major subjects in demand, and how students use the media. The newest reports available in the series cover India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Egypt and Turkey.

“Students approach the decision to study at a university overseas differently, depending on what country they are from,” says Elizabeth Shepherd, Research Director for Education Intelligence in Hong Kong. “Being sensitive to those cultural distinctions can make for a more nuanced and impactful recruitment strategy.”

Some highlights include:

  • India – When deciding which country to study in, potential undergraduate students cited quality of education, internationally recognised qualifications and career prospects as their top three considerations.
  • Turkey – 46% of undergraduate respondents and 50% of postgraduate respondents said employers were the single most important influencer on the decision to study overseas.
  • Egypt – Roughly 82% of survey respondents who indicated an interest in studying overseas were at the postgraduate level, with only 18% citing an interest in undergraduate study.
  • Indonesia – For potential undergraduate students, the top reason to choose a higher education institution overseas was the accessibility of scholarships.
  • Pakistan – 72% of respondents interested in pursing overseas study said they had not studied outside their home country before.

The reports – which cover China, South Korea, Thailand, Russia and Taiwan, among others – are available for purchase via the British Council website.

Source: British Council

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