Afghanistan doubling student numbers in India and Turkey

Afghanistan proposes to double the number of its students in Indian and Turkish universities as part of its efforts to boost educational standards in the war torn country, President Hamid Karzai announced.

The number of Afghan students to be sent to Indian and Turkish universities will be raised from 500 to 1,000 this year, and for this the government is increasing the foreign study allocation from USD 5 million to USD 10 million.

“This year we will send 1,000 high school graduate students for higher education to India and Turkey from our government badge. We are thankful of India and Turkey for providing our students opportunities to study in their countries,” announced Karzai. He also encouraged students to learn foreign languages in order to help them excel in the future.

Source: ZeeNews

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7 thoughts on “Afghanistan doubling student numbers in India and Turkey

  1. javid on said:

    hi im from afghansitan and i live in pakistan.i passed 12th from ariana lisa which is located in peshawar pakistan. so i want to study abroad like in turkey or india. please kindly inform me if there is any chance to apply for the study.

    • Ahmad on said:

      You have to be in Afghanistan in order to appear for the scholarship exam and to do the related formailities.
      Moreover they are conducting the exam only in winters of each year so keep following up the website of Ministry of Higher education of Afghanistan.
      And remember, as far as I know this scholarship has some quota things attached to it which means half of that goes to a fixed and selected number of students from each province who are recommended by that particular province and the remaining half is put to the competition and only students who have scored first, 2nd and 3rd in their respective school in the 12th class can participate in the exam.
      And I should advise you that if you have someone who can recommend you through some sources in that ministry then you have better chances of getting these scholarship. I hope this has helped you.
      Good luck

  2. Muhammad Nabi on said:

    I am Muhammad Nabi from Kabul Afghanistan
    I passed my high school and I want to study in one of these countries – turkey, india and pakistan – plz inform me

  3. fawad on said:

    My name is Fawad. I am from mazar-e-sharif – Afghanistan. I finished 12th class from ustat wagdan high school so I’d like to study in India or Turkey. Please kindly inform me if there is any chance to apply for study.

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