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Top-ranked education websites reviewed

Are you in the midst of a website redesign or contemplating one in the future? If so, then take a moment to sample the detailed evaluations of the top-ranked education sites from EDU Checkup.

EDU Checkup is a video blog published by Nick DeNardis, a web communications specialist at Wayne State University in the US. In each of the nearly 300 episodes recorded for the blog, Nick provides a detailed assessment (and score) for a different educational site. The reviewed websites are all for higher education institutions and mainly from the US but there is still plenty of insight here for agents or educators in any sector or country. has just published a round-up of the 12 highest-ranked sites from 2011. You will find screen captures and scores for each site, along with links both to the site itself and to the corresponding EDU Checkup review. Keep an eye out for Nick’s key tips and takeaways for each site reviewed and note that these are often summarized in the text notes accompanying each video review as well.



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