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Consolidation to begin for Greek higher education

During the ongoing five-year economic storm that has buffeted Greece, the country’s higher education sector has been particularly hard hit. Public funding has been cut,...

Australian international education sector enrolment and commencement trends

New enrolment data from the Australian government shows that the Australian international education sector is, at best, in the early stages of recovery. Most of...

South Korea places ban on some pathway programmes

The South Korean Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MEST) is in the midst of a legal battle against 12 study abroad agencies due to...

Country snapshot: United Arab Emirates

In countries like the US and UK, the higher education sector has always been a source of national pride and investment able to draw foreign...

A field guide to international agent training courses

As more and more countries race to develop their knowledge economies, internationalise their education sectors, and encourage their young citizens to study abroad, the role...

International tuition trends reflect competitive nature of today’s recruitment environment
Trend alert: Optimistic outlook for educational travel in 2013
Social networks: students love Tumblr
To upskill 500 million workers, India goes international
New regulations proposed for student visas in Canada
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How will education agents expand their service offerings this year?

Recent surveys of education agencies clearly point to a growing...

2019 Agent Barometer: Optimism for year ahead and insights on destination preferences
Education agents refer 75% of Australia’s international students
US colleges continue to strengthen links with education agents
US immigration reaffirms that I-20s should not be sent to agents
From the field: Recruiting in the Philippines
Australia to publish agent performance data this year
IALC announces new agency recognition programme


Internet trends report highlights online learning and visual marketing

Major Internet report includes both general trends and research specifically relevant to educators and education marketers...

Five ways to freshen up your online marketing
Not a campus but a storefront: A new concept for higher education delivery
Google launches new college search feature
Leading MOOC provider announces full degree programmes
Survey: Student recruitment the main driver for institutional web strategy
Is your email mobile enough?
The business case for translating your website

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Worldwide MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) enrolment reached 110 million people in 2019. Read more


Education agents refer 75% of Australia’s international students. Read more


Russia aims to increase international enrolment to more than 700,000 students by 2025. Read more


45% of Indonesian high school students said they could go abroad for study only if a scholarship were available. Read more


20.5% increase in the number of Brazilian students abroad in 2018 compared with 2017. Read more


12.7% Increase in the number of German students who went abroad for language study in 2018 compared with 2017. Read more