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New Zealand launches new website for international students

Short on time? Here are the highlights:

  • In keeping with an aim to enroll international students despite borders being closed, New Zealand has a new website making it easier for students around the world to find New Zealand university programmes and offshore delivery options as well to connect with agents
  • The Study with New Zealand website emphasises both the forward-oriented nature of New Zealand’s higher education programmes and a shift towards a “study with” rather than “study in” conceptual framework while borders are closed

While New Zealand has pushed back its gradual border opening until at least February 2022 because of Omicron, international students hoping to pursue a New Zealand education can explore their options right now through a new website devoted entirely to them. It’s the natural extension of Education New Zealand’s “Think New” branding campaign and heavy investment in establishing international pathway programmes for students who can’t yet travel to New Zealand.

Education New Zealand (ENZ) explains that,

“The Study with New Zealand website showcases the full range of choices available to international students, from studying in New Zealand to new, flexible options for online and offshore courses, and pathways from these courses to further onshore study or blended learning programmes. It replaces the Study in New Zealand site.”

The new branding also represents a strategic branding shift: the emphasis is now on study “with” New Zealand at a time when studying “in” New Zealand is impossible for most international students. There are currently fewer than 20,000 international students in New Zealand. In a normal year (i.e., pre-COVID), there would be more than 100,000.

In late 2021, the government announced that it would allow 1,000 international students to study in New Zealand in 2022: 400 pilot trainees, 300 students pursuing degrees, and 300 students enrolled in non-degree programmes.

Connecting with education agents

Students can not only find detailed information on programmes and other key info on the Study with New Zealand site, they can also use the site to connect with a government-recognised education agency. Recognized agencies can also visit this page to download Think New branding materials.

Applications for recognized agency status are paused at the moment but are expected to reopen in 2022. In the meantime, New Zealand education stakeholders already expect an increased reliance on agents as part of the recovery from the pandemic.

Showcasing pathways and online options

Last year, the Global New Zealand Education Pathways Initiative – a partnership between ENZ, all eight New Zealand universities, and the UK-headquartered University Consortium (NCUK) – became operational, allowing students around the world to begin studying towards a higher education degree awarded by a New Zealand university. At this time, students in more than 200 study locations across more than 30 countries can enroll with New Zealand’s educators through this comprehensive pathway programme.

ENZ’s Global Pathways website outlines different options for international students to study “with” New Zealand. Source: Education New Zealand

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