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2014 in review: The year’s most popular items from ICEF Monitor

We are closing out 2014 by carrying on a tradition that we began in 2013: a review of our must-read posts from the past year. We’ve gathered the top ten posts from 2014 for you below and spiced up the mix with a few updates and honourable mention selections as well.

This also marks our last post for the year as ICEF Monitor goes on hiatus for the holiday season as of 25 December. We will resume our regular publishing schedule the week of 5 January. In the meantime, and as always, thank you for reading.

And now, the top ten of 2014!

Macro moments

We are always on the lookout for detailed information on the broad trends that are shaping global education markets, and it turns out that Monitor readers are, too. In February, we published “Summing up international student mobility in 2014” to provide an overview of high-level global trends as well as a summary of key mobility factors for major markets around the world.

Another top ten entry, “The growing role of emerging markets in shaping global demand,” followed in March, citing a modest observation from Euromonitor International that, “The rise of emerging markets has been perhaps the defining feature of the global economy this century.”

Immigration on top again

As in 2013, major features on immigration matters have found their way into the top posts for this year. Canada published new regulations for its International Student Program (ISP) – that is, its student visa system – in February and they officially came into force in June. The major change under the amended regulations is that only students enrolled at officially designated institutions in Canada are now able to apply for a student visa. (Please see as well a post from earlier this month for further updates on Canada’s visa system.)

Meanwhile, on the other side of the Atlantic, the British Home Office was making big news with its investigation into systemic fraud at language test centres in the UK, and the subsequent suspension of the highly trusted sponsor status of nearly 60 British institutions.

All eyes on key markets

Even with the growing prominence of a wider field of emerging markets, it is well established that global student mobility is heavily influenced by a relatively small number of major sending countries, including China, India, and South Korea.

No surprise then that coverage of these key markets is solidly lodged in the top ten again this year. A January post, “High performance, high pressure in South Korea’s education system,” takes a closer look at some of the demand drivers for higher education in South Korea, and the growing public interest in stronger links between tertiary education and employability for graduates. And our ongoing coverage of the world-leading Chinese market included another top post, “Looking at Chinese market trends for 2014.”

Demand drivers

Information on today’s key market trends is a fine thing, but even better is looking behind those trends at the important factors that are going to drive demand in the future. This was a recurring theme in our editorial this year, as reflected in three more of our top posts for 2014:

Just outside of the top ten for the year were three additional posts that revolved around the key theme of employability:

The easiest prediction of the year

Marketers will focus on mobile more than ever before in 2014.” Oh my, did they ever.

(Spoiler alert: this top ten entry ties into a related post you can expect in the new year: “Marketers will focus even more than ever on mobile in 2015!”)

See you next year

Thank you again for all of your support this year. From our team to yours, best wishes for a happy and restful holiday season and all good things in 2015.

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