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Sharing the spirit of your institution with Argentine agencies

A little over 9,300 Argentine students were studying abroad in 2010 in destinations such as Spain, the US, Cuba, France and Brazil. In order to learn more about the preferences of these young students, we sat down with Mr Gustavo Viale, CEO of InterWay Educational Consultancy based in Argentina.

Interway works as both an educator and agency. As a provider, they offer tailored language courses for Argentine executives who wish to improve their language and communication skills for personal and professional development. But as an agency, his company sends students of all ages overseas.

We speak with Mr Viale as he wears his agency hat and sheds some light on Argentine student demands. The first half of our interview reveals current trends in Argentina in terms of what market opportunities exist for educational as well as work and travel providers.

We also discuss how to get started finding partners in Argentina, and via a case study, Mr Viale shares how institutions can build trust with Latin American recruitment agencies.

Part two of our video interview gets very interesting with Mr Viale explaining, in practical terms, how agencies can help educational institutions customise their offerings to boost student satisfaction and success.

Additionally, he emphasises the importance of teamwork in student recruiting – from developing marketing techniques and materials together to enabling consultants to get to know not just course offerings but more importantly, the spirit of the institution, which they can then transmit to prospective students.

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