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Mystery shopper experiment reveals best practices in communication strategies

We recently sat down for an interview with Mrs Lisa Cynamon Mayers, an academic advisor with Intead (International Education Advantage). Intead is a full-service consulting, strategy and digital international education solutions marketing company based in the US.

Mayers explains how Intead conducted a mystery shopper experiment in which a Chinese staff member at Intead posed as a prospective student. The staffer sent an enquiry email to 30 universities in the US, Australia and Canada in an effort to observe how each would respond to a query from an international prospect. The results may surprise you…

Tips for improving your communication with student prospects

Part two of our interview dives into simple, inexpensive techniques institutions can implement in order to improve their email communication with prospective students.

As Mayers outlines, the main tactics she suggests include:

For more tips on effective email communication with student prospects, please see our article “From prospects to enrolments: direct marketing in international recruitment.”

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