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Using the US Department of Commerce for international student recruitment

Today’s video interview is with Mr Greg Thompson, a Senior International Trade Specialist and Education Team Leader with the United States Commercial Service (USCS), an agency within the US Department of Commerce.

The USCS is a federal government agency dedicated to supporting US-based entities wishing to expand their international outreach. The USCS has a global network of trade specialists in 165 offices in 75 countries throughout the world.

The USCS offers a variety of services and support such as market research, webinars, virtual education events, and a “Gold Key Service” that includes in-country meetings with possible partner educational institutions, associations, recruitment agents, and the local Ministry of Education. They typically need about 6-8 weeks to prepare such services, which may also include networking events or receptions.

In our interview, Greg explains the role of the USCS, as well as how agents and schools can use their services. In addition, Greg was also instrumental in kick-starting the study state consortia brands, and he discusses the similarities and differences among them, best practices, and how a state can get started with its own consortia.

ICEF Monitor caught up with Greg following ICEF Miami which took place last December, where Greg also gave an educational seminar on the variety of services the USCS offers in order to support international student exchanges.

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