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ICEF Monitor is a leading source of industry news, research, best practice insights, and analysis – all with a firm focus on international student recruitment.

Promoting your brand via ICEF Monitor is an efficient and cost effective way to reach thousands of influential decision makers who connect with millions of international students and young travellers every day.

We offer a myriad of opportunities to reach this powerful audience via our website or weekly e-Newsletter. Download our Advertising Options brochure for details.

What Advertisers & Readers Say About ICEF Monitor

Our readers are passionate about international student recruitment… and about ICEF Monitor. Here is a selection of feedback we have received over the years:

  • “ICEF attracts an audience that is dedicated and responsive. The ICEF Monitor website and e-newsletter contain comprehensive information for agents and educators – providing an excellent platform and delivering superior results for Educational Testing Service.”
    – Barbara Keesler, Media Buyer: Strategy, Marketing & Growth, Educational Testing Service, USA
  • “Thanks again for the online banner – looks great and I have had lots of interest!”
    – Colm O’Byrne, Marketing Director, ATC Language Schools, Ireland
  • “We use Google Analytics to track our website traffic. Before the campaign, ‘ICEF Monitor‘ was ranked at position 69 as a traffic source. After the campaign, it is now at position 29 – a very good result.”
    – Elsa Perez, Head of Marketing & Sales, Online Campus, EU Business School
  • “We are pleased to advertise on ICEF Monitor as a great way to reach a wide audience of international educators and agents. The service provided by ICEF is always excellent!”
    – Rachel Keogh, Key Account and Recognition Manager, Cambridge English Language Assessment, UK
  • “Thank you again for recommending the ICEF Monitor advert; we did receive contacts from agencies who saw our advert on the Monitor… they did produce contacts, which is what they are designed to do. The rest is up to me!”
    – Keith Mayer, CEO, American Home Life International, USA
  • “I wanted to connect and say that you and your team are doing a fantastic job with ICEF Monitor in particular. I’ve been following the site for a number of years now and will often turn to it for market info and updates. It’s a fantastic resource for news, particularly during periods of strategy development.”
    – Hamish Davies, Regional Manager (North Asia, Australia and Pacific), Swinburne University of Technology, Australia
  • “I find ICEF Monitor so useful for my daily news! Thanks to the ICEF team for all of the work you do in international education. Great job!”
    – Sheri Love Yasue, Canada Overseas Study/Internship Liaison, Canada Regional Director, GDI Communications, Canada/Japan
  • ICEF Monitor is fast and relevant and it has a lot of information! I share a lot of links with our sales team so all our staff read this.”
    – Josef Kysilka, Director, Information Planet, Czech Republic
  • “I was recently looking for some data online using traditional search engines, and found an article on ICEF Monitor that caught my attention. I think that day I spent about 3 hours reading non-stop because ICEF Monitor covered many hot topics in the educational sphere. I now read ICEF Monitor weekly and my colleague who I recommended the portal to subscribed immediately for regular updates. Thank you very much for putting so many valuable articles and opinions, figures and forecasts in one online magazine. I do feel it helps me in my daily work for better understanding of the macro and micro processes and trends in education in my region and worldwide.”
    – Olga Polnikova, VP Student Services, SchoolApply, Switzerland
  • “I think the weekly newsletters are fantastic and one of the best industry publications going at the moment. I like the global focus and interesting update/stories/articles from across the globe. Congratulations to ICEF for developing such a first rate newsletter.”
    – Carol Verga, Manager, International Partnerships, RMIT University, Australia
  • “Congratulations for producing such an insightful and well written resource for all of us in global higher education!”
    – Tim O’Brien, Vice President, Global Business Intelligence & Development, INTO Global

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