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New white paper offers unique insights on recruiting in Africa

This special feature is sponsored by Illume Student Advisory Services.

Over the past two to three decades, the massive youth populations of China, India, and other Asian nations have been the main forces driving an astronomic rise in international student mobility as students in these regions have left their countries to study for a better future.

While Asia will remain a leading source of students for many years, the number of institutions – and countries – competing for students in that region is already increasing dramatically. As competition for Asian students intensifies, another region is quickly becoming a hotspot for the next wave of student mobility: Africa.

Africa is home to more than 50 countries, 1.4 billion people, hundreds of languages,
and an incredibly varied history. It is also home to a massive, and rapidly expanding, college-aged population.

“Africa is the new China, population-wise,” says Adina Lav, assistant provost for international enrolment at George Washington University. The UN projects that, as of 2030, one of every four people aged 15–24 will live in Africa.

And so we are especially pleased to showcase a new white paper from Illume Student Advisory Services, a specialist recruitment services firm with field offices and deep expertise throughout key African markets.

That expertise in on display in the following video excerpt from the white paper, which we hope will serve as an excellent source of insights and tips for your own recruitment planning in this key region.

And we invite you to download the full white paper today. We think you will find it to be an invaluable resource for further planning and research, and it is available for free via this link.

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