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Keeping the student front and centre

This special feature is sponsored by Flywire.

International education is a fast-paced business and one that relies on extended networks and partnerships among institutions, service providers, agents, and other stakeholders. 

All of us who work in international ed share a common goal of supporting students to pursue their dreams of study abroad. And every now and then we have a poignant reminder that the student – and their welfare and success – is at the centre of everything we do. 

That idea comes through loud and clear in the following excerpt from an interview with Kelli Accardi, global strategic accounts lead at Flywire. Ms Accardi shares a very personal story of one student and her family during their studies abroad. Whether you work directly with students every day or not, Ms Accardi’s example is a powerful reminder of how the work we do can have such a powerful impact on individual students and their families.

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