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ICEF Podcast: How agents are supporting students and parents during online studies

Our podcast series continues with a special episode on the role of agents in supporting online studies.

The pandemic brought student migration to a standstill and shifted study online this year, and the role of the agent shifted as well. More than ever, agents are not only providing educational advice, but are also increasingly called on to mentor students, provide emotional support, calm anxieties of parents and students and help them manage the psychology of disappointment and hope.

Our host this week is Stephanie Zimmerman, senior agent relations manager at ICEF, and she is joined by two experienced agents: David Mandil, managing partner with NM Educação Internacional/NM International Education and Britta Vincent, the founder of International-sur-Loire.

This episode of the ICEF Exchange is brought to you in partnership with HSBC. You can listen to it the player below, and we encourage you to subscribe via your favourite podcast app in order to receive future episodes automatically.

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