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ICEF Podcast: The impact of micro-credentials on international education

Our podcast series continues with a special episode on the growing importance of micro-credentials.

These accredited courses are designed to help build specialised skills that are relevant to today’s job market. And they are becoming wider-spread and increasingly embraced by employers, educators, and individuals alike.

In today’s episode, we explore how these alternative qualifications compare against a full degree programme, why they matter, and the broader implications for educators and recruiters.

Our host this week is Martijn van de Veen, ICEF’s vice president of business development. Martijn is joined by special guests Justin Cooke, the chief content and partnerships officer at FutureLearn, and Dr. Sean Gallagher, the founder of the Center for the Future of Higher Education and Talent Strategy at Northeastern University.

This episode of the ICEF Exchange is brought to you in partnership with HSBC. You can listen to it the player below, and we encourage you to subscribe via your favourite podcast app in order to receive future episodes automatically.

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