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ICEF Podcast: How are educators and agents preparing for the next student intake?

“Major challenges my students will be facing include economic uncertainty. Also, not knowing what to do and how to plan for the next semester, and uncertainty about how visa processing will work in the next few months.”

– Soheil Ahmadi, Managing Director, TKDanesh Institute

Our podcast series continues today with a special discussion on how the industry is preparing for the upcoming student intakes.

Educators, agents, and service providers are planning for a number of scenarios into 2021, but we wanted to take a closer look at how everyone is preparing for the upcoming student intakes between now and September.

For example, when and how will visa services be restored for major study destinations? What about travel restrictions? Can we expect international flight schedules to pick up as restrictions ease off?  

And what will teaching and learning look like in the months ahead? Some language schools are resuming in-person instruction this month. But can students expect to return to college campuses or will instruction largely remain online?

This week’s panel brings a great mix of perspective and experience to these questions: Eddie West, the Assistant Dean, International Strategy and Programs for San Diego State University; Umang Gandecha, Head of Sales with accommodation provider Londonist; and Soheil Ahmadi, the Managing Director of TKDanesh Institute, an education agency with offices in Iran and Canada.

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