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Introducing the ICEF Podcast

The ICEF Exchange Podcast, launched today and we are very excited to share the first episode with you. 

Like ICEF Monitor, ICEF Exchange is focused on sharing ideas, best practices, and innovative strategies for international student recruitment. Each episode features expert guests from across the industry and each is packed with new insights to help you navigate through this period of exceptional change. 

You can listen to our first episode in the player below, and we encourage you to subscribe via your favourite podcast app in order to receive future episodes automatically.

Episode 1 is hosted by Tiffany Egler, director of agent relations at ICEF, and she is joined by two experienced agents to explore recruitment for online programmes from an agents’ perspective. 

Listen in to hear more from our special guests – Diego Valerio Porta of EFIGIE Projetos Educacionais (Brazil) and Matthias Ehizua from OAA Study (Australia) – about: 

  • How education agents look at online provision now, and how ready they feel to handle online programmes
  • How educators can structure marketing, admissions, and delivery for online programmes in a way that works for agents

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