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3rd Mar 2017

Five for Friday

An occasional round-up of some of the more eye-catching and varied items that we’ve been reading lately, including the latest in digital trends, the keys to a welcoming website, and the growing numbers of foreign grads that are finding work after study in Japan.

Tell a good story

Storytelling is a tried and true strategy in branding and market positioning, and this interesting article sets out some solid hooks that you can use to tell the story of your educational brand.

Digital marketing in 2017

A review of five important trends that will influence digital marketing for higher education this year, including virtual reality, tracking social channels, and student services.

China cools on Taiwan

It has been a frosty year for China-Taiwan relations, and now reports indicate that the number of Chinese students in Taiwan has fallen off of late. For additional background on China’s connection to Taiwan as a study destination, please see our earlier report on the subject.

Your website is a welcome mat

International students have any number of concerns before they arrive at your institution or school. Will they fit in? How will they adjust to life in a new country or city? Here are some solid tips and examples for how your website can send strong signals that your campus is a safe and welcoming place.

Getting work in Japan

Japan is in the midst of a drive to increase its international student numbers, and the latest employment stats for foreign graduates won’t hurt a bit. This is an interesting example of an emerging destination taking concrete steps to boost foreign student employability.

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Because you found this article interesting

Survey reveals students’ views on AI in study search and admissions IDP’s Emerging Futures is one of those larger student surveys that is always worth paying attention to, and...
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US increases visa handling capacity in India American universities and colleges are being supported by their federal government in ramping up their competitive offer to...
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International education a focal point of debate in Australia as the prospect of further regulation looms It didn’t take long for Australian schools and universities to recover their international student numbers once Australia’s border...
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Is Canada losing ground as a preferred destination for Indian students? A featured panel at the annual Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE) conference in Vancouver this week raised...
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How is Indian student mobility changing in 2023? The shape of outbound mobility from India has changed over the course of 2023, with the UK and...
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Move Over Google: Social media is also a search engine The following feature is adapted from the 2024 edition of ICEF Insights magazine. The digital edition of the...
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Why managing digital shock needs to be part of your student support plan Everyone who works in international education is acquainted with the concept of cultural shock. The UK Council for...
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International enrolment in Canadian K-12 recovered to more than 80% of pre-pandemic levels in 2022/23 Canada’s K-12 public schools enrolled just over 33,000 foreign students in 2022/23. That total includes nearly 29,000 in...
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