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Five for Friday

An occasional round-up of some of the more eye-catching and varied items that we’ve been reading lately: recruiting tips for smaller institutions, big moves in TNE, and China’s changing job market.

Small is beautiful

An insightful post – complete with six actionable strategies – exploring the challenges and especially the opportunities that smaller institutions have when competing for international students.

Germany and the Netherlands making moves in TNE

Transnational education is playing a much more prominent role in national strategies for international education of late. Both Germany and the Netherlands are now also looking to strengthen their respective TNE portfolios, and are clearing the way for expanded offshore delivery through updated policies and new partnerships.

China’s changing job market

The bachelor’s degree is no longer the golden ticket to a great job that it once was in China. Competition is picking up in the Chinese job market, and this is influencing student choice in terms of field of study. It is also encouraging more degree-holders to remain in school to pursue advanced qualifications.

Terror attacks not dampening demand for study abroad

Student travel operators report demand for study abroad in Europe remains strong in the wake of terror attacks earlier this year.

Redefining the branch campus

The New York Institute of Technology operates seven branch campuses around the world. But it operates under a “one big university” approach that follows a common curriculum and sees students and faculty hopping virtually from campus to campus.

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