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Five for Friday

An occasional round-up of some of the more eye-catching and varied items that we’ve been reading lately: the Iranian market opens up, recruiting for blended learning, avoiding common pitfalls in website design, and more.

The end of sanctions for Iran

Will Iran’s new diplomatic footing lead more Iranian students to study in the West? Some observers certainly think so, and argue that continuing tensions within the region will encourage students to look further afield.

Blended learning and international recruitment

There are plenty of indicators pointing to a greater role for blended learning in the next decade. This insightful post looks at how some early movers are creating new hybrid online-offline learning options for international students.

UK universities offering course credits for MOOCs

Two UK institutions are moving for the first time to “unbundle” higher education by allowing course credit for MOOC studies. Could this be a way of recruiting from new market segments?

What is wrong with university websites?

A nice round-up of common issues and challenges associated with the tangled web of university websites. If you want to review or improve your current site, this is a good place to start.

Korean universities facing an enrolment downturn

Change is afoot in Korean higher education as prevailing demographic trends push enrolment down. University leaders are looking for solutions and that is in turn opening the door to new approaches in teaching and learning.

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