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Five for Friday

This latest instalment in our occasional “Five for Friday” column gathers some of the more eye-catching and varied items that we’ve been reading lately.

The global marketing toolkit

The five global marketing must-haves for better results and happier customers in 2016.

International students to the rescue!

Questions are looming about the broader enrolment trends in US graduate schools, but could more international students be the remedy?

Your website from a students’ perspective

A handy summary of the different requirements that international students and their families have when browsing your website.

The advent of $30 oil

We don’t usually dabble in commodities markets but the breathtaking decline in world oil prices will have a profound impact on the global economy in 2016. A year ago, did any of us really imagine $30 oil?

Why we love Hong Kong

Hong Kong has recently been ranked as one of the best cities in the world to be an international student. What makes it so special?

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