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There’s no mobile web, there’s only content

Now that you have a handle on the web, do you ever feel like mobile is the next big learning curve you will need to climb up to stay on top of the latest in recruitment marketing strategy? Well Dave Olsen’s Mobile in Higher Ed blog has an insightful piece that describes an epiphany he had recently regarding mobile strategy: “Search and links are the gateway for our users to our content. And you know what? They’re the gateway regardless if our users are using a mobile device or desktop.”

You are optimising your content for search engines. You reach out to prospective students via email, social media, and your website. But have you also ensured that your users can have the best experience of your content on their mobile browsers too? This is the question Olsen comes to because, as he puts it, “The same channels that we use to market to our users and that our users use to find us on the desktop also exist on a mobile device.”

See the complete post and related links on the Mobile in Higher Ed blog.

Source: Mobile in Higher Ed

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