If you blog it, will they come?

Whether you’re an agent, university, or other educational institution, creating and maintaining a blog on your website can be a great idea. It can boost your site’s SEO and provide a less formal, authentic “voice” for your brand. The key term here is “can be,” not “is.” To be effective, an institutional blog should be optimised for the reader—and many aren’t. Many are hodgepodges of style, design, and intent, and require too much work on the part of the reader to find value.

The Brandmanager’s Notebook offers a number of great tips for increasing the effectiveness of your institution’s blog(s) in the article Campus Blogs: How Marcom Can Increase Readability. The article focuses on the “primary elements that draw readers to blogs and keep them coming back—context, point of view, navigability and organisation. “

From content to design advice, the article has good insights to offer for all education institutions.

Source: The Brandmanager’s Notebook

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