Are you receiving me? Leading destinations aim to send more students abroad

Some of the world’s major study destinations – countries such as the US, Canada, Australia, and the UK – have been placing a greater emphasis...

South Africa remains an important regional hub for education

While the number of foreign students hosted has declined in recent years, South Africa remains an important destination for international students, particularly those from other...

Foreign enrolment surging in China

China has long been the world’s most important sending market for international students. Indeed, burgeoning Chinese enrolments have driven much of the growth in international...

Survey finds travel ban influencing agents’ view of US

In a January 2017 interview with Times Higher Education Institute of International Education President Allan Goodman downplayed the hot political rhetoric of the US presidential...

US: New travel ban the latest change in immigration policy

The early months of Donald Trump’s presidency have been marked by a number of notable immigration developments, particularly a travel ban on seven Muslim-majority countries that...

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Canada: Optimistic outlook for foreign enrolment in 2017
Cultural experience the big driver of study abroad for Generation Z
Bangladesh: Middle class growth helping to drive demand for study abroad
Foreign enrolment hits new record in Australia
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Survey finds travel ban influencing agents’ view of US

In a January 2017 interview with Times Higher Education Institute...

From the field: A closer look at the Turkish outbound market
Keys to the Market: South Korea
Russia: Education agents optimistic as economy strengthens in 2017
Keys to the market: Japan
From the field: Recruiting in East Africa
2016 Agent Barometer survey reveals important shifts in destination appeal and student perceptions
NACAC amends guidance regarding education agents


Online learning still expected to pressure traditional higher education models

It wasn’t all that long ago, somewhere around 2012, when...

Five for Friday
Global MOOC enrolment jumped again last year
Opening the door to new learning models
Mapping technological change in higher education through 2020
MOOC enrolment surpassed 35 million in 2015
Private partners helping to drive growth of US higher education online
How do students benefit from MOOCs?

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Facts & Figures


International English language students contributed €278.3 million to the Irish economy in 2015 through student fees, accommodation, and travel. Read more


70-80% of Chinese students return home after education abroad. Read more


There are 100+ million foreign speakers and learners of Mandarin worldwide. (Xinhuanet)    


International studen enrolments in Australia grew by 11.6%, Year-to-date April 2016. Read more


Over 1 million Peruvian students have switched from public to private schools since 2004. (Peru this Week)

Social Media

78% of American admission officers say social media has changed the way they recruit. (Center for Marketing Research at the University of Massachusetts)


The top destinations for Vietnamese studying abroad in 2015 were Japan, US, Australia, China, and India. Read more


In the 2013/14 academic year, 30,000 Kenyan students went abroad for their university education. (Standard Digital)

INTO 20 university partners 14000 students to UK, US, China