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  1. [...] in the recent past. This trend is likely to enhance the quality of higher education in the region, further establishing the Middle East as an education hub. For example, in Qatar, to expand the reach of higher education by inviting in foreign [...]

  2. [...] competition between countries for market share of students, with regional hubs emerging (e.g, Hong Kong and [...]

  3. [...] facilities at select schools to locate there to help them grow their economies or reputation as education hubs (e.g., Singapore, [...]

  4. [...] 2012–2013 Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings. And yet, the country is busily solidifying its image as an education hub, thanks in large part to its successful efforts to attract international universities: the Iskander [...]

  5. [...] Delineation between “source” and “destination” countries is blurring – Large source countries are becoming unstable in terms of how much they can be counted on as an origin of highly valued international student tuition. In some cases, they are contributing less than in the past – e.g., Indian students in the UK – or bulking up their own domestic capacity and quality of higher education – e.g., China and Hong Kong, among other educational hubs. [...]

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