Tuition increases should be paired with increased student aid, says new report

A recently released European Commission study finds that, when they are balanced with expanded financial aid for students, increases in tuition fees do not negatively...

Russia announces new investments in higher education and study abroad

The Russian government’s recent announcement of increased funding for 14 universities is yet one more sign of Moscow’s continuing push in boosting the global competitiveness...

Who uses MOOCs and how?

Given that millions of people register for MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses), it is perhaps not surprising that much has been written to date about...

The art of listening: Better results start with understanding your customer

Listen more than you talk and use the insights you gain into your customer’s needs and decision-making processes to close more sales. This is a...

Spanish university entrance exam no longer required for foreign students

In a major change to the system of undergraduate admissions for Spanish universities, a royal decree recently removed the Selectividad exam as an entrance requirement...

Australian enrolment surging in 2014
Libya struggling to meet massive demand for higher education
Confucius Institutes expanding rapidly to meet demand for Chinese language skills
From the field: An agent’s perspective on the Nigerian market for study abroad
Making sense of China’s social and mobile web
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The art of listening: Better results start with understanding your customer

Listen more than you talk and use the insights you...

British investigation alleges systemic fraud in UK language testing
United States poised for more active student recruitment
Study provides new insights on the role of agents in Canadian education
Panel looks at the growth of online booking in language travel
Demand for study abroad shifting as education reforms take hold in Hong Kong
Employability and university rankings: London conference reveals what employers want from schools
Market snapshot: Argentina


International panel maps technology trends that will impact education in next five years

The 2014 NMC Horizons Report was released in February, the...

Surging global demand for digital language learning
Overwhelmed by tech options? You are not alone
Test everything: the business case for A/B testing online
Explosive growth of social video opens new channel for student recruiters
New research shows that mobile and social media users are intensely engaged online
Money talks: major private investments in education reflect expectations for further growth ahead
How will online school selection services affect education agents?

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Universidad de Malaga; great language courses and higher education programmes with the best sun of Europe. Seeking new student agencies.
Intead: local language marketing, digital brand audits

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