More US universities establishing joint venture pathways

It appears that a greater number of American universities are establishing pathway programmes for international students in collaboration with private partners. While more common in...

Boosting science and technology collaboration among Arab states

The call for Arab states to pool their efforts and expertise in STEM fields is one Mohamed Mrayati, senior advisor on science and technology for...

Russia making moves for both inbound and outbound students

In February we wrote of the increasing interest in Russia – and more broadly among Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) members such as Belarus and...

What colour is your marketing? The psychological impact of colour

A recent post from ICEF Monitor touches on the impact of colour in marketing. It examines A/B testing, which involves an A version (the control)...

Spotlight on Vietnam: quality issues, demand for study abroad and graduate employability

As a previous ICEF Monitor post outlines, there are a variety of reasons why Vietnamese students choose to study abroad, including “the generally poor quality...

English universities record first international enrolment drop in 29 years
Demand for education and skills building in Pakistan
Secrets to a successful content marketing strategy
Progressive Costa Rica looks to the future
Expert advice on recruiting in Europe
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Expert advice on recruiting in Europe

The OECD reports that Germany is the leading European source...

Boosting Brazilian demand for long-term overseas study
Looking at Chinese market trends for 2014
Ambitious Israeli students look to top institutions abroad
Demand for Spanish and ties to Latin America key for international education in Spain
Political unrest in Thailand appears to boost interest in education abroad
Canada confirms new student visa regulations
Key policy issues afoot for US ESL providers


Boosting science and technology collaboration among Arab states

The call for Arab states to pool their efforts and...

Test everything: the business case for A/B testing online
Explosive growth of social video opens new channel for student recruiters
New research shows that mobile and social media users are intensely engaged online
Money talks: major private investments in education reflect expectations for further growth ahead
How will online school selection services affect education agents?
Part 2: Mobile marketing for educators: Driving engagement and prospect conversion
Who moved my rankings? Changes in the SEO market

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