International student mobility and the Ebola outbreak

The Ebola outbreak began in Guinea in March this year and in the months following it spread to three other countries: Liberia, Sierra Leone, and...

Women increasingly outpacing men’s higher education participation in many world markets

It used to be that men were overrepresented in higher education, but that trend has been changing for several years now. In the 1990s, in...

Continuing economic crisis in Greece pushes and pulls on student mobility

Despite some signs that the Greek economy may be headed for slightly better times, Greece’s economic crisis is ongoing – with significant ramifications for the...

Danish reforms will impact both domestic and international students

Denmark is in the grip of a productivity crisis. Economic growth has been slow to nil in recent years and sluggish productivity, expert say, is...

Outbound mobility gathering steam in the Philippines

The number of Philippine students studying abroad is up sharply in recent years, fuelled by a rapidly growing economy, high levels of youth unemployment, strong...

New report forecasts postgraduate mobility trends through 2024
Number of outbound German students up sharply in recent years
Australian education reforms figure prominently in emerging international education strategy
Part 2: Keyword research: Building your toolkit
Part 1: Keyword research: Matching intent with results
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NACAC changes code of conduct to allow international agents; releases agent guide for US institutions

“In 1951, NACAC introduced a prohibition on incentive-based recruitment of...

From the field: UAE education sector set for robust growth
The agent question: New data has the answer
Transitional and support services for international students with disabilities
From the field: Iran eases restrictions on international education
From the field: The study abroad market in Oman
The art of listening: Better results start with understanding your customer
British investigation alleges systemic fraud in UK language testing


Part 2: Keyword research: Building your toolkit

Editor’s note: Today’s post is the second in a two-part...

Part 1: Keyword research: Matching intent with results
Search trends playing an increasing role in international education marketing
International panel maps technology trends that will impact education in next five years
Surging global demand for digital language learning
Overwhelmed by tech options? You are not alone
Test everything: the business case for A/B testing online
Explosive growth of social video opens new channel for student recruiters

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