Study finds an uncounted AUS$1 billion in Australian education exports

The Australian government launched an ambitious “whole-of-sector” international education strategy this week. The strategy is notable both in its ambition – to host, for example,...

Australia releases 10-year blueprint for expansion of its international education sector

Australia took a bold step this week with the release of the country’s first comprehensive national strategy for international education. The National Strategy for International...

Third-party video interview services playing a greater role in US admissions

The number of Chinese students studying in the US has increased by nearly 400% over the past decade. As of 2014/15, it has been the...

Chile continues to push for improved English proficiency

Demand for English Language Teaching (ELT) in Chile is strong, largely driven by the need for English-speaking professionals, academics, and technicians to staff its increasingly...

Stand out from the competition by sharpening your brand identity

As the international education industry continues to expand and mature worldwide, one of its distinguishing characteristics is increased, even intensified, competition. Competition from a growing...

MOOC learners in developing countries focused on career development
Ireland’s ELT numbers up 10% in 2015; student weeks increase by 38%
From the field: The international recruitment outlook for Russian universities
America and Japan reporting big gains in Vietnamese enrolment
US educators following President Obama’s lead to open new links with Cuba
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Greater Victoria Development Agency: start your adventure in Victoria BC


From the field: The international recruitment outlook for Russian universities

Over the last three years, Russia has made some important...

2.28 million abroad for language study in 2014
Shifting currencies expected to drive growth for more affordable destinations
Coming soon: A new data standard for language programme information
Study abroad exempt from new Brazilian tax on overseas payments
Ireland implements student immigration and quality assurance reforms
Finland introduces university tuition fees for non-EU students
From the field: Recruiting in Bolivia


Mapping technological change in higher education through 2020

Students’ demands – as well as a rapidly evolving global...

MOOC enrolment surpassed 35 million in 2015
Private partners helping to drive growth of US higher education online
How do students benefit from MOOCs?
Investments in education technology reaching new highs in 2015
Blended learning moving to centre stage in higher education
The promise and challenge of technology in language learning
Where the devices are: New study updates global stats on Internet usage

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Facts & Figures


There are 100+ million foreign speakers and learners of Mandarin worldwide. (Xinhuanet)  


63% of international students who completed an ELICOS course in Australia in 2012 progressed to further study in another sector. (Australian Education International)


Over 1 million Peruvian students have switched from public to private schools since 2004. (Peru this Week)

Social Media

78% of American admission officers say social media has changed the way they recruit. (Center for Marketing Research at the University of Massachusetts)


The top destinations for Vietnamese studying abroad in 2012 were Australia, US, China, Singapore, and UK. (Vietnam Ministry of Education and Training)


In the 2013/14 academic year, 30,000 Kenyan students went abroad for their university education. (Standard Digital)


Mexican consumer expenditure on education rose 43% between 2002 and 2011. (UK Higher Education International Unit)


With ~169 million inhabitants and growing, Nigeria’s population is expected to exceed that of the US by 2050. (Business Insider)

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